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4 a compelling read Jan 17, 2008

How does a psychic develop their gifts? Is it actually something that can be developed in all of us, or is it a talent you must be born with? Many believe that we all have psychic ability to tap into. Joseph Tittel shares his life story as a medium in his book, “Messages From the Other Side.”

When he was just four years old, Joseph was aware of spiritual energy watching over him at the foot of his bed. This book chronicles how he grew up being psychic and shares his experiences of helping others as a medium. With his mother’s passing, Joseph was expecting a big sign from the other side, all the while he was telling clients to be aware of the smallest thing being a message. This is the reminder that we all need, because often the signs go unnoticed. Spirit may guide us to glance at the clock and see significant numbers, or change the radio station to one where their favorite song is playing, but they probably are not going to physically tap you on the shoulder and announce their presence, although I know this does happen too. Sharing his realization that he wasn’t taking his own advice, Joseph shows his humanity to readers. Even a psychic sometimes needs to pay closer attention.

Giving readings, Joseph has helped bring messages to loved ones from the other side. This allows some closure and validation and ultimately peace of mind. The book shares some of his more intense experiences and explains how this interaction with spirit can be healing for those left on the earth plane. Joseph goes on to help readers to tap into their own psychic abilities using detailed meditation techniques. Yes, we are all born with ability.

A compelling read, “Messages From the Other Side” addresses the questions many have sought the answers to. Joseph Tittel reaches out to readers in a friendly, easy going tone. Much like chatting over coffee with a good friend, the visit passes all too quickly. This book is an excellent introduction to the spirit world and a comfort to those who are grieving.
5Highly recommended book Nov 21, 2007

This is an anazing book! I lost my dad almost a year ago. When I saw Joseph on a show on Lifetime, I knew I had to find out more. I discovered that he had a book, and ordered it right away. I read it in two days!! Joseph has a very special gift, and uses it to help the bereaved. This book comforted me greatly. I miss my dad so much, but thanks to this book I know he is around, and that I will be with him, and other loved ones, again someday. If you or someone you know has lost someone close to them, I highly recommend reading this book. I hope he writes more!

5THIS IS AMAZING Sep 19, 2007

First off, I have had the pleasure of meeting Spiritman Joseph at a gallery and during two private readings he conducted for me and my family. I was completely caught off guard with his amazing accuracy. He was able to connect with my father and grandfather. The second reading was an hour long and my two sisters and mother joined me for a group reading. He knew things that no one else would know unless you were in my immediate family. He made my mom and sisters cry tears of joy. Then, when the book came out, I knew I had to not only buy it for me, but for my mom and two sisters as gifts. I attended a show last weekend and was able to have Joseph sign the books. He is truly an amazingly gifted person.

The book itself was very inspiring and explained alot about The Other Side. The book showed me how to see signs from my deceased loved ones and not to look so hard. It also included stories about Joseph growing up with this gift. The book allowed me to peek into the life of a psychic medium. I would recommend it to anyone you know that lost someone close to them.

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This remarkable true story takes the reader on a journey through the psychic experiences of psychic medium Joseph Tittel.
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Thank you, Joseph, for being such a big help. You contacted a very close friend on the other side for me. I still cannot believe how accurate you were…

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