Purchasing a ticket for “The Other Side Gallery‘ does not guarantee you a private reading.

Please note thal Joseph makes no guarantee or claim that you will receive a reading at a group gallery event~ Joseph has absolutely no control over the information that comes through or who it may pertain to. As much as Joseph would like to be able to give everyone some type of reading, it is nearly impossible. Joseph also makes no guarantee as to how long your connection may last. Some readings take longer then others. Joseph again has no control over this. Some guests may receive up to 20 minutes of information, while others may receive 5 minutes. Then there are those who may not receive anything as far as messages.

The Other Side Gallery should be a learning experience for all that attend. Ignoring messages that are coming through for others may make you miss out on important information from the Other Side. Joseph’s goal is that everyone learns that your loved ones are with you and connect with us all the time. We should be able to recognize these signs on our own, without the help of a medium. This is something Joseph teaches during The Other Side Galleries. Please come with an open mind to learn and appreciate the messages that come through from the Other Side, whether they are for you or not.

Also, please note that Joseph has no control as to who specifically comes through. People come all the time wanting to hear from the one and only person that they want to hear from. This is not the way it always works. Anyone can come through during a reading, whether you want to hear from them or not. We need to validate and appreciate the ones that do come through during these sessions, and accept the ones that do not come through.

When attending The Other Side Gallery, please accept the validations that come through as being proof that our loved ones do connect with us from the Other Side. Coming with an open mind and no expectations of a definite connection will help to make this a very enlightening experience.

Please remember The Other Side Gallery is a truely enlightening experience for all that attend. Joseph also allows audience members who did not receive a reading to ask one question at the end. This does not mean that everyone will definitely get a question. This question is not a connection and Joseph can not connect to a specific person you request to come through.

If you would like a more personal reading with family and friends, then we suggest booking a private group gallery.

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Through Joseph’s wonderful gift I gained what I will describe as a sort of “veil of peace”. This is not just the peace I have surrounding my mom’s death, it is a peace that has penetrated my very soul.

— Linda

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