Sunday, March 17, 2019
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Joseph for this yearly special Spring Equinox Event, Divine Messages From The Other Side. During this special spring equinox event Joseph will begin with a short intro discussing the special energy of spring equinox & how to honor & connect with your loved ones in spirit.

This will be followed by a short meditation to help you ground your energy, open your heart & call in the energy of the angels & open to receive messages from Spirit. Joseph will continue by connecting with Spirit & delivering messages from spirit to members of the audience.

Event will conclude with a questions segment where Joseph will choice audience members, who have not received a message, to ask one specific question.

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$32.50 each
$60.00 a Pair
Family 4 pack $110.00

Buck’s County Sheraton
Oxford Valley Road Langhorne PA

Space Is Limited

History Shows This Event Always Sells Out.

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Workshop: Expanding Consciousness & Deepening Your Relationship With Your Guides & Angels

Sunday, March 31, 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our planet is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. During this critical time on the planet , we are able to access information very rapidly and with much ease and grace.

Join internationally renowned psychic medium Joseph Tittel for this special all day workshop on expanding consciousness & deepening your relationship with your guides and angels. Joseph will help you to open your intuitive abilities, understand how to communicate with the spirit realm & access the wisdom of your spirit guides, guardians and angels. In this all day workshop you will experience:

  • How you may create a sacred space for yourself & a place to honor your guides, angels & loved ones in spirit.
  • Several special meditations that will help you to relax, move you into an open and receptive space & create your peaceful happy place.
  • Expanding your understanding and awareness of your energy system (auric field) & working with your chakras.
  • Instruction on creating and deepening relationships with your guides, angels, and spirit helpers.
  • An increased awareness on how to invite guidance into your life with ease and grace.
  • Three things you can do to help strengthen your body, mind & spirit & deepen your connection with Spirit.
  • Techniques to help you to manifest positive things into your life.

Joseph will guide students through several different meditations including his exclusive Alpha Meditation, a powerful meditation that assists participants into the Alpha State, which helps increase the ability to access one’s guides. Participants will learn how to go into an instant alpha state and will be guided to explore relationships with their own guides and helpers in the spirit realm. This day is packed with powerful information and practical techniques that serve to guide students to open to their intuitive abilities. Whether you are new to this work or well practiced on this path, you will expand your relationship with your guides as you gain new tools to incorporate on your journey.

  • Please bring a pillow, chair or anything you may need to help you to be as comfortable as possible during meditation.
  • Please note that we will take a one hour lunch break from 12 to 1. There are places to eat nearby or you may bring your own lunch, snacks & water. We have a microwave and fridge.
  • Please bring with you an item you would like to place on the altar during the workshop. This could be anything you would like, a picture of a loved one, a crystal, jewelry of yours or a loved one or anything you are comfortable with. You will get this item back.
  • Please also note that this is not a workshop that teaches you to be a Medium or to receive messages from a deceased loved one. Joseph’s goal is to help you to open up to spirit & deepen your relationship with your guides.

Spiritman Productions & Ra’s Temple Of Unlimited Transformation
Mill Creek Road, Levittown PA
This class will be held in Joseph’s personal space & is limited to 6-8 students
Address & Directions will come via email

Register by 2/28/19 pay $150.00
Register after 2/28/19 pay $175.00
Register by paying deposit ($75) or pay in full online.

Space is limited 6-8 Students

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Spiritman Productions
P.O. Box 1299
Levittown, PA 19058-1299

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