I signed up for Joseph’s monthly newsletter and have not received one. Why?
Joseph sends out his monthly newsletter within the first week of each month. If you have not received Joseph’s newsletter it could be for several reasons. The most common problem is that you have not placed newsletter@josephtittel.com & spiritmanjoseph@yahoo.com on your email safe list. In not doing so, the newsletter will end up in either your spam/junk folder or trash folder. Another reason people do not end up getting the newsletter is because they did not confirm their subscription in the email send right after you sign up. You may want to sign up again on the home page of this website just to be sure you are on the list. If you have a Comcast email it is possible that our email has been blocked by comcast and therefore you will need to call Comcast.

How long of a wait is there for an appointment?
Depending on the type of reading you want will determine how long the wait may be.
The wait could be as short as a month or up to six months. The best way to determine the wait is to call Joseph’s office. If you are already on the waiting list we will call you when there is an opening. No need to keep calling the office.

Does Joseph do in person readings?
Joseph does all private readings at this time by phone. To see Joseph in person it would have to be by hosting a home gallery, group session or by attending an event.

Do I need to give Joseph any information?
Absolutely not. Joseph does not want to know any personal information and certainly does not want to know if there is a specific person you would like to connect with. Remember, a Medium can not connect with whomever you wish for them to connect with. You should always remain very open minded. If you go to a Medium and they do ask you, then you should reconsider having a session with that Medium.

What if I want to know only about my life and future?
You should choose the 20 or 30 minute life reading. This covers present and future life issues. Also, during a one hour private session, Joseph may touch on your future and you may also ask Joseph two life questions.

Does someone come through for everyone?
Most times there is a connection with a loved one who has passed. It is very unusual for there not to be connection. It is very important that you come with an open mind and try not to focus on who you think or want to come through. The Medium has no control as to who or what comes through from spirit. Many times it is the person you least likely expect that ends up coming through.

Is there a guarantee I will connect with who I want?
No. Joseph brings messages through from those who are present on the other side. There is no guarantee that Joseph will connect with the person you want to hear from.  It is important that you come with an open mind willing to receive messages from whomever comes through.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?
We have too many last minute cancellations and no show appointments. Joseph has a very busy schedule and just cannot have people cancel at the last minute.

Will I get my deposit back?
Deposits are not refundable if you cancel or even reschedule an appointment. Once you send your deposit through, it is no longer refundable. It will be deducted from your total as long as you show up, and as long as you do not cancel. There is a $50 rebooking fee for private readings and a $200 rebooking fee for Home Galleries.

What if I want to reschedule my appointment?
All appointments for Private Sessions must be rescheduled 30 days prior to your appointment. If you do not reschedule 30 days prior to your appointment, you will lose your deposit. There are no exceptions. Home Galleries must be rescheduled 30 days prior to the appointment, or you will be subject to a charge of $200.

What if I’m late for my appointment?
We will give you up to 10 minutes to call in for your appointment. If you do not call in within the 10 minutes, Joseph will take the next client, and you will lose your payment.

When is my deposit or balance due?
For home parties and all private readings, we must receive your deposit within one week of scheduling your appointment. For phone readings, you must pay in full at the time of scheduling, or we must receive your check or money order within 7 days after scheduling your appointment.

What if I do not send a deposit or payment?
If you do not get your deposit or payment to us within 7 days, we will erase your appointment from our books, and we will not notify you. Deposits and payments are the customer’s responsibility. We cannot keep calling clients because we did not receive your payment. Your appointment will be cancelled and we will not add your name back to the waiting list if the list is closed.

Is there a refund if I’m not satisfied or if my recording does not turn out?
NO. There are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. Joseph records the reading as a courtesy to clients and we can not guarantee that the recording will turn out. Sometimes they do not turn out.

When is Joseph available?
Joseph is available Wednesday through Sunday for both home galleries and private readings. We reserve weekends mostly for home galleries, events and workshops. There is one weekend per month open for private sessions. Private Phone readings are done between the hours of 1pm and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. All home galleries conducted on Saturdays and Sundays begin at 2pm and last two hours, not including a fifteen minute break halfway through. Week night galleries begin at you choice of 6pm or 7pm, no later.

Do you still offer classes?
Yes. Joseph offers two classes and workshops which will take place only a few times per year. Check the website events for upcoming workshops with Joseph.

Can I bring someone in the room with me during the reading or have someone listen by phone?
Unless you booked a group session, then there is no one allowed to sit in during your session and no one is allowed to listen on the phone. Readings can not be done on speaker phone. There is an additional fee for anyone who sits in with you because they will also receive a connection. It is best to be alone when getting a private reading or Joseph will pick up messages for others.

Can I bring a recorder and record my session? Are readings recorded?
Yes. As a courtesy, Joseph will record your session and will email that to you within 3 to 4 weeks after your session. We can not guarantee that the recording will turn out and we are not responsible if recordings fail. We highly recommend that you take notes or record the session on you own audio recorder.

What if the recording does not turn out? Will I be compensated?
No. Joseph records the session complimentary and cannot guarantee that the recording will turn out. Joseph recommends that you take additional notes during your session.

What if I paid in full & cancel my appointment?
If you pay in full and cancel your appointment completely, you will lose your payment completely unless you give us 30 days notice. With proper 30 day notice, you can reschedule with no fee or receive a refund minus the deposit fee of 50%.

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