Home Gallery FAQ

How many guests can I have?
The base rate covers up to 10 guests. There is a additional charge for each additional guest over the ten. You may have as many guests as you like. If someone is sitting in the next room listening, they will be charged. Please make sure your home is empty with the exception of all those who are a part of the gallery. Please be sure there will be silence and no interruptions for three hours. By the time Joseph arrives, goes over the intro and taking a break he will end up being there for at least 3 hours.

Will everyone get a reading or get to talk to Joseph one on one?
No. There is no guarantee that everyone will get a connection from a deceased loved one. Joseph does not conduct private readings during a home gallery. The host/hostess has the option to do a questions segment during the second half of the gallery. This will allow each guest to ask Joseph one question about their life.

What if someone who is attending my gallery is late?
Please make sure your guests arrive on time. The gallery will begin at the time you have scheduled with Joseph. It may be a good idea to tell your guests that the party begins 30 minutes prior to the actual scheduled time so that they arrive on time. Joseph will begin as soon as he arrives and will not wait for late arrivals.

When is my deposit and balance due?
Your deposit of $200 is due within 7 days after booking your home gallery. Your deposit guarantees your date and is non-refundable if you cancel for any reason. Your balance is due in cash only upon Joseph’s arrival to your location. We do not accept checks as a final payment. When booking your gallery, you do have the option to pay in full by credit card or check. There is a $25 surcharge

Can we tape the event?
You can use a audio recorder to record the event. No video cameras. Joseph will also record the event and email a copy to you and your guests. Sometimes recordings do not turn out so Have your guests take notes. You should provide paper and a writing instrument for each guest & recommend that they bring their own audio recorder.

How long does the gallery last?
Two Hours of messages. Joseph will start the group with a short description before going right into messages from the other side. After an hour, there will be a 15 minute break. This is when alcohol may be served. DO NOT serve alcohol prior to your gallery. Plan on having Joseph at your location for three hours including the introduction and break.

Can I serve food and why not alcohol?
Food may be served prior to the event and during the break. From past experiences Joseph has found that it is a very bad idea to serve alcohol to your guests prior to your home gallery. Joseph reserves the right to leave your home if alcohol is being served and if someone is intoxicated. You may begin to serve alcohol during the break.

Can children attend the gallery or be in the home?
Children under the age of 13 should not attend. There should be no distractions and no one else in the home at all except for those attending the gallery. If someone is sitting in the next room listening in, they will be counted as attending.

Will Joseph have books and CDs with him and will he sign them?
Yes. Joseph will have books and CDs available for purchase. Joseph will also sign them for you.

What if it snows?
There has to be a very significant amount of snow in our area for the gallery to be cancelled. As long as the roads are clear, the gallery will go on. Joseph will not drive if there is snow or ice on the roads.

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