Joseph has appeared on countless numbers of radio shows, newspapers, magazines and television programs. Some of Joseph’s appearances have included Lifetime television, Travel Channel, M-TV and his own series, Real Psychics, which airs on Comcast On Demands Paranormal TV. Being a popular radio host for more then 5 years now Joseph is very well spoken and very well educated in all aspects of the paranormal and spirituality. Therefore making Joseph the perfect guest for anyone looking to delve into the world of a truly gifted Medium. Below you will find a list of many of Joseph’s appearances. Some include links to the articles, interviews, video’s and full television episodes. If you are interested in booking Joseph for a Media appearance please¬†contact our office.

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This remarkable true story takes the reader on a journey through the psychic experiences of psychic medium Joseph Tittel.
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The things you told me could only have come from those I lost, no one else knew of some of the information you said. I knew they were with me, but it was nice to have confirmation of that too. Thank you.

— CH

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