482688_10151252200321741_657601448_nThank you for visiting my website today. My name is Joseph Tittel, friends have been calling me Spiritman since my late teens. My spiritual journey began at a very young age. I grew up the youngest of three in a Catholic family in the 70s. I was always very sensitive to spirit and would often see a non human woman throughout my house as a child. It was not until I got a little bit older that I realized the woman was my grandmother, on my mothers side, who died before I was born. At the young age of just 13, I purchased my first deck of tarot cards and my spiritual journey began. By the time I was 19 years old, I was doing readings for clients on a professional level. Now more than 30 years later, I have connected tens of thousands of people with their deceased loved ones, and guided clients into the best potential future possible for themselves.

In the beginning of my journey I would read as many books as I possibly could on subjects such as spirituality, intuitive abilities, the paranormal and ancient spiritual and religious beliefs. I have spoken at countless colleges on the East Coast and have traveled all over the world to share my gifts with others and to teach others how to connect with spirit on their own.

My goal has always been the same: to help bring healing into people’s lives, teach people and help guide people into the best potential future. I have done dozens of fundraisers for organizations such as Susan G Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, Make-A-Wish foundation, The Arthritis Foundation, Jacob Solley Jr. Foundation and dozens of other private fund-raising events. Most of those are geared toward helping sick children.  I have also worked with several detectives and police departments on unsolved and missing children cases.

As a part of my spiritual journey I have earned certifications in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Usui Reiki Healing Level 2, Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. I pour my heart into my work, my spirituality & helping people. Before seeing clients I always prepare myself and my space with a clearing & smudging ceremony followed by trance meditation & prayer. This helps me to get into a trance state in order to connect with spirit with much more clarity.

I offer private sessions, family group sessions and gallery sessions. I am available to travel to my clients homes. You can come see me in person for private sessions in my Levittown location. I also offer sessions by phone & by Skype for clients all over the globe. I will record your session on audio & send you a copy within 3-5 weeks via email. It is important to take notes, as not all recordings always turn out. We can not be responsible if your recording does not work out.

The wait for sessions often vary depending on the time of year. There is currently no wait list and clients can sometimes get a cancelation within a few weeks to a month. Again this does vary greatly throughout the year. Please call to check for availability.

Readings / services I offer include:

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This remarkable true story takes the reader on a journey through the psychic experiences of psychic medium Joseph Tittel.
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Thank you for everything. You have given me peace of mind. You took my breath away a few times telling me things that no one else could have ever known.

— Kathy

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