Gallery & Group Reading Preparation

It is highly recommended that you either print or have your guests visit the page for Preparing for a reading. This will give them a little more understanding on the process and help your guests to prepare personally for the Home Gallery.

  • Please be sure there will be no interruptions. Even though a gallery session will last a total of two hours please plan on having absolutely no interruptions for three hours. With Joseph’s introduction, before delivering messages and the break that is half way through, Joseph is usually at your location for a total of three hours. It is a great idea to put a do not disturb sign on the door.
  • Please make sure your home phone and everyone’s cells phones are turned off or at least the ringer off or on vibrate.
  • It is a very good idea to tell your guest to arrive at your location a half hour before the actual start time. This will help to ensure that all your guests are present and ready to go when Joseph begins.
  • We recommend having candles burning in the room where the reading is to be done. White candles are best for purity and positive energy.
  • Joseph feels it is very important to have fresh cut flowers in the room where the reading will be conducted. Flowers are a dedication to honor the spirits that will be present and those that will come through during the session. It is a way of saying thank you to the spirits.
  • Please DO NOT serve alcoholic beverages prior to the first half of the gallery. We ask that people refrain from any alcohol or drug use. You may begin serving alcohol to your guests during the break. You may also serve food if you would like.
  • It is a good idea to have a box or two of tissues handy.
  • Please provide paper and pens for your guests to take notes during the session. Your guest may also bring an audio recording device to record the session. Joseph will record a copy of the session and email it to everyone who attends. But we can not guarantee that the recording will turn out. Sometimes the recording does not turn out so it is good to have your own notes.
  • Please do not introduce Joseph to any of your guests and try to refrain from calling each other by name when Joseph arrives. Names could come up during the reading and it is better Joseph does not know their name beforehand.
  • Joseph does not want to know any personal information or any information as to who you may wish to connect with in spirit. Be sure your guests keep quiet.


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Thank you for everything. You have given me peace of mind. You took my breath away a few times telling me things that no one else could have ever known.

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