Life Readings

Are you feeling stuck? Need some direction & guidance in your life? Unable to make decisions? Feeling depressed?

We have a variety of potential futures. Our intuition is actually our Spirit guides & Angels giving us the best direction possible. Unfortunately we often allow our fear & ego to get in the way of that intuition. We are all psychics in the fact that we all have guides that are there to assist us on our journey. Everything in life has balance of both positive & negative. The positive here is our intuition, or our guides & angels. The negative being that fear & ego that just love to talk us out of doing things. We have not been taught how to listen to the intuition nor were we taught  that our first instinct is always one hundred percent correct.

Tarot CardsDuring a life reading Joseph will connect with your spirit guides, angels & spirit helpers along with consulting the Tarot to help guide you into the best potential future possible. This IS NOT a connection with deceased loved ones. Life readings are relatively based on the upcoming year. Joseph will give you direct advice from your guides including things you can do, such as different affirmations, to help you manifest the best possible future. Joseph will alert you to road blocks that may be ahead in the upcoming year along with ways that you may shift things in a better direction for yourself and your loved ones.

We all face different periods both astrologically and energetically that can be a challenge. Being aware of that ahead of time can help us go thru it with much more ease and joy. While taking advantage of different time cycles as well. Joseph may cover areas such as love, health, career and finance. So if you are feeling lost, stuck or want to see what the future may hold a life reading with Joseph will be the perfect session for you.

In-Person Phone or Skype Life Reading Sessions

30 Minute Life Readings $125.00
You may ask 3 questions at the end.

40 Minute Life Readings $150.00
You may ask 4 questions at the end.
Call 267-243-3560 to schedule a Life Reading

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Joseph was right on about everything. He was able to validate many things for me with my husband’s passing. There were things he said no one knew but my husband and I. He was truly amazing.

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