Preparing For A Reading

Have an Open Mind

One of the most important things to keep in mind when seeing a Medium, whether it be me or any other medium out there, is to go with a very open and clear mind. Try not to focus on a specific person that you may want to hear from

Over the past 20 years, I have found that some energies in Spirit come through much stronger than others. What usually happens is the strongest energies that are around you in Spirit will usually step forward and bring through the messages. Just because a person was a loud mouth here when alive, it does not mean they will be a loud mouth in Spirit.

I do not have the ability to connect with any person in Spirit that you wish to connect with. I do not have a direct line to the person you may wish or think will come through. I do have a direct connection to spirit but I never know who or what messages will come through. Literally anyone could come through for you during your reading and it does not matter how long ago they passed away or how close you were to the person. I could have your friends’ brother or mother come through or even your neighbor. Though you may feel you need or want to connect with a specific energy this may not at all be the case. Therefore you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Chances are you will receive some type of message from the person you wish, but I can NOT guarantee it.

Often time’s people who focus on a specific person they want to hear from in Spirit will try to take all the information I provide and try make it fit to the specific person. When the information does not fit to who they want to hear from they write it off as an inaccurate message. They focus so hard on hearing from that one person and completely forget about all the others that are in spirit.

They will NOT come through and tell you what you want to hear or mention what you asked them to mention before your reading. It does not work that way. They come through to let you know they are happy and at peace, that there is an afterlife in which you will see them again in the future and that they are still a part of our daily lives. They do not come through to tell you your future and make life decisions for you. If that is something you are looking for then schedule a life reading.

How it Works

Even though I have been doing this work for so long and have seen and communicated with spirits when I was a little boy I can still have difficulty understanding what spirits are trying to say.

I get information from spirit in the combination of three forms. I see things, clairvoyant. I hear things, clairaudient. And I feel things, Clairsentient.

Sometimes I will receive a connection with spirit that is just like holding a full conversation with someone. As much as I love these connections they are not at all common. With most of my connections I will receive information from spirit in bits and pieces. I get a combination of seeing, hearing and feeling. Spirit will show me all these different things such as letters, numbers, colors, pictures and many symbols. Sometimes I know exactly what a spirit is trying to say. However, a good part of the time I have no idea what they are trying to say. They reason being is they are not my people, they are your people. They are showing me these things to help you remember something about them or bring you some type of validation.

I will describe everything I hear, feel and see. Whatever it is you think they are talking about, that is probably exactly what they are talking about. Now of course you won’t understand some of the things that come through and that is normal. You will figure it all out in time.

Spirit may show me a can of Maxwell House Coffee. From previous sessions, I know they are trying to get me to acknowledge a person or pet named Max or Maxwell. Spirit knows that when they show me this I will respond with Max or Maxwell. Sometimes they may show me something like a sunflower which could have several meanings. This could be someone’s favorite flower or it could represent the name or nick names Sunny or Sunshine. They have shown me an apple to acknowledge a school teacher, the state of New York or even a street or place called apple orchards. Very often we need to interpret the information coming through.

During the Reading

It is important to acknowledge and validate the information as it comes through. If I tell you I’m getting the name John it is ok to say “John is my Dad”. But you do not want to respond with “Oh yeah that’s my dad and he died of lung cancer on October 3.” That is just too much information.

I’m here to provide you as much information from spirit as I possibly can. I also believe strongly in the fact that if Spirit is showing me something they are showing it to me for good reason. Therefore I will describe to you every single thing I hear, feel and see. No matter how silly it may sound. I feel everything is important.

So if I did not tell you something, then they did not give it to me. Very often I will get someone who will keep interrupting with questions like, “Well do you have a name?” “Are they male or female?” “Are they living or passed?” “Can you tell me what they look like? “ If I did not tell you their name then they did not give it to me. If I did not describe what they look like then I’m not seeing them. Constantly asking these types of questions will only delay my process and affect your reading.

Please work with me but DO NOT feed me information. Sometimes I will say “who is Michael?” They respond to me “There is no Michael but there is a John.” Now how did they get John out of Michael? I will say lung cancer and they will say no an aneurism. Please do not tell me more then I tell you. Some people are so anxious and want to tell me everything. This will only spoil it for you and for those in Spirit who want to come through.

Also keep in mind that not always is the information coming through from a specific spirit have anything to do with that spirit. Some spirits will come through and very likely speak for other spirits. They do not even need to be connected to each other. They work this way to help each other and to get out as much information as possible. They could be several messages within one message. And I can have John come through and speak for Mary without ever even connecting to Mary. They all work together on the other side.

Again please do not feed me any information or tell me anything about your loved ones on the other side. If I have to ask questions, please focus on just yes & no answers. That way you will not be feeding me or giving me any more information then I want or need.

Finding A Good Place

It is very important that you plan ahead and find a quit and relaxing place to sit before your reading. If there are other people around you it is very likely that I will pick up on those other people around you. Calling from work is not a good idea. If you want have the best experience during your reading being in a relaxed quite environment is important.

It is nice to say a little prayer to your loved ones prior to your reading.  During your prayer you may also want to thank spirit for the connection and messages ahead of time. I always do prayer before and after my connections with spirit. Again this is a personal decision and not something you have to do.

Taking Notes

Even though I will do my best to record every single reading and connection with spirit that I do, it is even more important that you take as many of your own notes as possible. If you have a phone recording device, you may record your own session as well. Putting me on speaker phone is very distracting to me and often too hard to hear. I highly recommend not using speaker phone during your reading.

I can’t guarantee that the recording of your reading will turn out. I can’t be held responsible if the recording does not turn out. This is why I highly recommend that you take your own notes. Spirit is known to play with the electronics as well as quickly draining the batteries from my recorder. A majority of the recordings do turn out but at times some do not turn out at all.

I will not do a reading without attempting to record that reading. Since I feel it is so very important for everyone to have a copy. There are often so many messages that come through from spirit and some may not make sense at the time. They usually always make sense later. It is extremely common that people often get more information from the recording then the actual sitting. People often get psychic amnesia and we can not process the information as quickly as it comes through from spirit. This is why it is so important to take notes or have a recording.

Remember, just because a message means nothing to you when it comes through from spirit, does not mean it will not make more sense later.

Keeping an open mind will help to ensure a positive experience with your reading.







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