2019 Spirit Speaks Monthly Subscription

Become a member of Joseph's NEW 2019 Monthly Inspiration Program & Community TODAY to open yourself up to an amazing new opportunity to recognize your own intuition, receive guidance, inspiration and so much more.

When you become a member of the community you will get to join in on Joseph's monthly and biweekly Live Zoom Video Conference where Joseph will channel inspirational information from his guides, tools, as well as special inspirational guests to assist you in living your life to the fullest. Each live video conference will conclude with a questions segment* including mini-readings.

You will also benefit by receiving the monthly VIP newsletter that includes an inspirational monthly message with affirmations; monthly meditations which will be channeled through from Joseph's guides to assist you in clearing blockages, manifesting your dreams and deepening your own personal relationship with spirit and the Universe.

As Part Of Your Membership You Will Also Receive:

Exclusive Access To Yearly Written Predictions
VIP Sneak Peeks At Monthly Predictions, Prediction/Prophecy and other YouTube Videos
Access To Our Transform online Facebook Community
Special Contests, Discounted Offers At The Spirit Shop, Private Sessions and Online Programs

Become a member TODAY so that you receive the January Edition*, be a part of the first video call, receive 2019 written predictions and a specially created meditation to assist you in clearing blockages to open up and manifest the best potential 2019 possible.


12 Months For $188.** --SAVE $51.64

Choose a Subscription:

*Monthly video calls do not guarantee A personal question each conference call. Names will be chosen in the exact order by date subscribed.

*January Edition will not go out between January 7-14th. First Video conference will be held on the Full Moon, Monday January 21st at 8/9pm est.

**Subscribe to the 12 Month plan and receive $35 off any private session with Joseph.
Sessions must be scheduled by January 31st.