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I was to see you on June 20th. At that time I asked you how my health was. You said not very good and motioned toward the trunk and left leg area. I said that was not my problem and you said it most certainly was. Two days later, I went to the hospital with a blood clot in my left leg. You saved my life, thank you.

— Marge

Hi Joseph,
I am currently reading your book and it is helping me immensely since I recently lost two family members, and I was questioning the concept of crossing over. I was going down a dark road emotionally and thinking there is probably nothing after we die – we just end. Well, my daughter gave me your book for Christmas, not knowing my thoughts at the time. Yesterday, I began reading your book on the train home from work and I immediately recognized the signs. You aren’t going to believe this, but my sister passed this OCTOBER 10th! Then when I was in my car, I could smell the aroma of cinnamon and sugar baking – my brother who passed also, loved to bake! Then, tonight I was watching a TV show and the address on the house was 128 – my Dad passed on December 8th (five years ago). Thank you for re-opening my eyes.

— Cathy

Thank you for the gift you share, and may God bless you and protect you. Before I had a reading with you, I cried every day for nine months for the loss of my brothers. Since then I have rarely cried. The things you told me could only have come from those I lost, no one else knew of some of the information you said. I knew they were with me, but it was nice to have confirmation of that too. Thank you.

— C.H.

I arrived home from work one night and my sister insisted I sit down and watch a segment she had recorded from “America’s Psychic Challenge”. It seemed she could hardly wait so I said ok, wondering why it was so important to her. We watched the murder scene segment and Joseph was truly amazing, I still didn’t see why I had to watch it as soon as I walked in the door though. Afterwards she turned off the TV and said, “Guess where that guy lives?” I said, as a joke, “Levittown”. My sister said yes, and you need to go to see him Lin, he can connect you to your mom.

My sister Jaimi and I have different mothers, my mom passed when I was 24. That was 22 years ago. Jaimi knew that I had spent those years dealing with questions surrounding my mom’s untimely death and she was certain that Joseph would be able to help me. Little did I know that this would be a pivotal point in my life, for which I have thanked my sister many, many times over.

I scheduled a private connection reading with Joseph right before Christmas, 2007. The day came and I grabbed my mom’s Paddington Bear and drove about 2 miles down the road to Joseph’s house. It still makes me laugh when I think how close I was living to the man I now refer to as “my angel”. Joseph connected to my mom’s energy and began describing her illness and death in precise, accurate detail. I have lived with 3 burning questions all these years and had come to accept I would only ever speculate as to their answers. Joseph had the answers to all of them, and here’s the really amazing part, I never verbalized a single one to him. My mom knew what she needed to have Joseph pass along, and I was absolutely floored as I sat listening to him. I was not a skeptic at all, but had I been, I would not have been able to deny that he was in fact in direct contact with my mom. I can tell you that my reading with Joseph brought healing and much needed closure to my life, and I highly recommend him to all. The most important thing that happened that day I’m afraid can never be really conveyed to you in this writing, but I will try.

Through Joseph’s wonderful gift I gained what I will describe as a sort of “veil of peace”. This is not just the peace I have surrounding my mom’s death, it is a peace that has penetrated my very soul. My reading is 7 months passed now, but it has taken this long for me to realize how much my life has improved because of it. I have evolved in my spirituality which allows me to walk on a better path, a path that was hidden by clutter. Thank you, Joseph, for removing the clutter, exposing the higher path, and pointing the way. I’ve heard that when the student is truly ready to absorb the lesson, the teacher appears, and he did. It is my opinion that Joseph has returned to earth with this gift, as an angel walking among us. I don’t think he had to return, I think it was his choice, and that speaks volumes about his character!! Thank you my friend…

Love, peace, and blessings to you my friend,

— Linda

THANK YOU Joseph for an absolutely amazing hour spent with you! It was truly an honor and one that I will always cherish! As a ‘healthy skeptic’ of these type of readings, I’m now a firm believer! Not only did you mention things that there would be no way of anyone knowing, you did it with such grace, humor, love and compassion! As you recall, I shed countless tears of joy and was greatly comforted knowing that those I love and miss so dearly, are watching over me on a daily basis. Thanks for being you, for your generosity of spirit, and for your unique and truly brilliant ability to communicate with the ‘other side’. NAMASTE, my friend!

— Bob Bowers A.k.a. Da Pirate, Founder and President HIVictorious, Inc.

I first wanted to thank you for coming out to the home in Churchville, PA, Friday, March 28, 2008. You are truly an amazing psychic. This was my first time to go to a reading and I was blown away with all of the messages you gave. My grandfather came through and you hit everything on the head. I don’t know if you remember this, you had mentioned that you saw a mass card but usually you see grave stones. Well, in my pocket I had my grandfather’s mass card!!!! I researched all of the things that you said and you are on 100%… I truly enjoyed having you there, and I hope someday we could do another gathering. Wish you the best of luck in the future… Thank you.

— Brett

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I met Joseph for the first time on Saturday at a private home group. It was everything that I had imagined it would be. He has such a special way of connecting with people. I like how he brings humor into the scenario. I believe people need humor when it comes to missing their passed loved ones. I know it’s what helps me through. At the group session, Joseph connected me with my Godmother, a passed Uncle and finally after the break, with my passed father from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). When I was on break I went into the bathroom, and I was very angry with my father for not coming through in the first half. I was even cursing him in my mind. When we finally returned, Joseph asked who in this room is angry? Someone here is angry about a loved one not coming through… It is a father figure and he pointed between me and my friend sitting on the couch. I knew it was me. He said “Does Ed make any sense to you?” Ed was my father’s name! That was all that I needed. Joseph verified for me what I knew deep down all along. That my father was around us and that all my feelings of him being around were true. He also verified many things about my living mother and that she needed help. Joseph also made it known for me that I have my own gift and that I had a very strong energy and that I’ve been fearing it my whole life. This I feel is true as well. I do sense spirits, but I can’t hear them or see them. It is something that I have feared most of my life, but I feel that my experience with Joseph will help me through this and help me to teach my children how to deal with it as well. I hope to meet Joseph again in the future as I know meeting him again will only heal me more. Thanks so much, Joseph, for a truly life changing experience. You are a Godsend! I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

— Kim

Hi Joseph,
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent reading you gave my daughter and I yesterday. We listened to the tape last night and (like you said) more and more things are coming to me that I didn’t understand yesterday. I spoke to my mother (who will listen to the tape later this week) who informed me that my great uncle had fallen and broken his hip the night before–you had said my grandmother was conveying that someone fell and broke something. She also cleared up a few things I didn’t know about that related to some things you told me. I’m reading your book and enjoying it very much! Thank you so much!!!

— Ginny

Thanks for visiting us and for bringing messages to my hubby from his Dad/nephew – he’s now a former skeptic where you are concerned, which isn’t an easy task with him! (Trust me on that one!)

I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet you and spend time, so I can look back and remember having the renowned JT in my home.

Best wishes to you, and tell Bob a hello for me.

— Michelle

I wanted to thank you for your recent reading you gave my daughter, Rina. You truly have a gift and you are the “real deal”! You have helped her like no other and despite seeking conventional means to help her through her grief after the death of her brother and my son, you have been the only person who has been able to offer her comfort and joy in what I already knew and felt, and that is that my son is happy and safe and with
us all the time! You relayed things that no one could have known and let me tell you… that ride home from her reading was so fulfilling! Tears of joy! Thank you and God Bless!


I had a private reading in December and you connected with my mom. It’s been 22 years since she crossed over and there were a couple of burning questions in my heart. You answered them all without my asking and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it made me feel. You are very blessed Joseph, and you bless others with your gift. Thanks and be well…

WOW!! Where do I start!? First of all, THANK YOU a million times for the reading, it was absolutely amazing and brought new things to light. I am figuring stuff out more and more as the days pass, which is making my experience with you better every day. You have an amazing gift and you will forever help people just like you have helped me…

— Trisha

I wanted to thank you so much for my reading on December 11, 2008. You hit so many things right on target. You knew the sicknesses of my Mom and Dad and how they have crossed over to the other side, and about my marriage and what my husband refuses to face and blames me for his own actions, and also letting me know that my Mom and Dad are now happy together. It was so hard to face Christmas this year with both of my parents gone, but when I had my reading with you, you made me feel so much better. And, you told me about the number 6. I didn’t think of it at the time, but my Dad’s birthday is July 6th. Once again Joseph, thank you so much. God bless you for giving you such a wonderful gift.

— Sandy

Hello Joseph.
I had the honor of meeting you at a home gallery event in Philly that you hosted early in the year. I just wanted to say thank you. You connected with my Dad, my Uncle, Grandfather (that I never knew). All the messages were on target and it was very comforting to know all is well on the other side. I am so much at peace. Through YOU I got closure on many things. You told me how my Uncle passed (his death was a mystery), you mentioned a photo that I kept of my Dad with his newspaper obituary clipping in my room pasted on my mirror (no one would have known that) and the message was “take it down”. LOL! Thank you from my heart.

— Anne

Thank You. I wanted to thank Joseph for the wonderful reading that I had received from him, while I was at an event at Ashes to Ashes on December 2, 2007. I have been to a few events at Ashes to Ashes, and just loved listening to Joseph bringing joy and closure to so many people. On this particular day, I actually got an unexpected reading from Joseph. This just blew my mind. He gave me so much information and also peace and comfort that I will never forget. The thing that really blew my mind is when Joseph had walked over to me and said that my daughter wanted to give me a hug which was well overdue. Joseph started walking over to me and I just couldn’t get out of my chair, it felt like I was glued there. I can never thank Joseph enough for all that was said and how at peace I had felt. May God Bless You Always In What You Do 🙂

Hello Joseph & Bob.
I was one of the lucky listeners who were able to speak with you on New Year’s Day. My question pertained to work and you gave me some really good information. Then you brought my Dad through, and I got emotional when you told me specifically that he was proud of me. Joseph can I just tell you how much I needed to hear that. On Christmas Day, my family and I were trying to communicate with our spirit guides. My sister has a board game (I don’t like to call it a game). It is basically where you ask your question and roll dice, you can go anywhere on the board that pertains to your question or you could just go to the yes, no, maybe etc. Well, one of my questions was to my Dad. I asked if he was still proud of me the answer was no. So needless to say I was upset. Not to say I believe or go by everything that came through that night. It just really made me sad because my Dad and I were always so close and I never wanted to disappoint him. Since his passing, I got involved with someone who I knew in my heart was a bad idea, and I always felt guilty, but more importantly, I was felt like I let down my Dad. So when you gave me that message I was so happy. I know I should always remember that our loved ones on the other side do not judge or hold on to anger. I just sometimes lose sight of that. So, thank you, once again Joseph, and God bless.

Hi Bob.
Please tell Joseph thank you, again, for the reading. It definitely helped us in the grieving process. It is amazing that over the phone you were able to make a connection with my husband’s father and my grandmother. And, such an obvious one. As I am sure many people say, you knew things we did not even know till we talked to other people. Things there is no way you could have known. We are hooked. Not only are we recommending you to everyone we know, we are trying to figure out when we can do it again. So, thank you for giving something to my husband after the passing of his father that I never would have been able to do… peace with what happened. Thank you again,

— Trina and Dan

I just wanted to say in the month since meeting with Joseph, I have told so many people about my awesome experience with him, that many of them want to schedule a session with him in the future. He mentioned that I too have the ability, and I have started reading up on tuning my senses (I was thinking about signing up for one of Joseph’s seminars). I would like to share one really weird incident and hope that you can pass along to Joseph. Recently, while holiday shopping, I purchased a figurine for my mother, and a snowman for myself at the same store. I was torn between two snowmen but just picked the one. A few weeks after, I felt compelled to pull out the figurine I bought for my mother, and I thought maybe it wasn’t quite the right gift and I should return it. Then I looked at my little snowman and thought, I didn’t need to buy this one (I have way too many already), I really should take it back, and maybe I’ll get one another time. So back they went. Christmas day I open one of my gifts, it was the snowman I wanted, not the one I returned but the one I had really wanted (I never mentioned wanting this to anyone or that I had bought it). I was shocked!! Then my mother just told me today about one of the gifts my sister gave her, it was the exact figurine I returned that I was going to give her. Again, this is not a common gift and it’s rare to find and I made no mention to anyone about ever looking at them or buying it. Also, I was going to purchase a gift card to this one restaurant for my parents, and I kept thinking that oh maybe I shouldn’t, I better not in case they get one from my sister, and guess what? They did!! I know that was not a coincidence, that was my little psychic ability, and I welcome it more thanks to meeting Joseph. I wish you both a Happy New Year!

— Amy

Very much to my disappointment I watched last week’s show. I just wanted to email to let you know that you are a truly gifted person in so many ways. I think what hurt your score was that you second-guessed yourself. Several times I watched where you were correct by saying what you felt but then changed your answer/decision due to uncertainty. During the last challenge (when you spoke to the two women) the one’s deceased father kept coming to you so much so that I think you could not concentrate on the two women. I also wanted to note that during the program, the host said that the one lady’s father had died of the disease. No mention of that was ever made and how you hit right on with that…

By far I think that you were the most talented psychic on the show. I just adored watching your personality, especially your humbleness…. I cannot even explain how above and beyond you are compared to the other competitors on the show…

I look forward to seeing you, either at a reading (again) or at one of your other events.

Take care and always a fan,

— Vera

Hi Joseph.
I just wanted to let you know that we watched the Psychic Challenge and we all thought that you were the best! We were all rooting for you. 🙂 I wanted to update you briefly: You told me that my five year old daughter, Chloe, had some psychic ability, and now I recognize some of it! I was pregnant and slipped down the stairs, I asked her if I had scared her and she answered “No, I knew it was going to happen. Your grandmom told me!” I was floored. You also told me that my grandmom sends me “flocks” of birds–it continues to happen but now has a new meaning for me!! Finally, you told me I would be pregnant within the year–I was—and first you told me twins (yikes!) but when I saw you a second time you predicted a boy. You were right! Thank you so much–I tell everyone how wonderful you are. I hope to see you again soon. Sincerely,

— Steph

Wow, I am still in amazement. I wanted to see if this spirit stuff was really true. I didn’t care if anyone came through for me. I was with a group of people that I mostly knew. So I figured I’d know if what you were saying was true. “Oh my God” You are awesome and I am now truly a believer. My Aunt was with me and she kept saying before we got there “That’s alot of money for me to spend around the holidays. He is no one I ever heard of. I’ll be mad if I don’t hear anything.” (She is a true Sylvia Brown fan—but never got a reading done by her or anyone). Well, you gave her info from her deceased husband that she longed to hear since his passing. Wow, we were both crying. And along with everyone else’s reading that was amazing, including info about a couple murders. Scary, but great. So now you have two very strong believers. I went home and called so many people. I will be seeing you again very soon. Thanks a million. P.S. I also got to get in touch with a loved one that day.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I never talked to anyone that has been right on the money like you are. I have referred all of my friends to you. I was extremely depressed before calling you, and I feel so much better now. I hope that you know how much you can help people. Thanks so much.

— Melody

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I never talked to anyone that has been right on the money like you are. I have referred all of my friends to you. I was extremely depressed before calling you, and I feel so much better now. I hope that you know how much you can help people. Thanks so much.

Thank you, Spiritman… You help me put it all in the right places. He helped me with the man in my life. And, he helped me with my Mom and her going to the spirits.

Joseph was right on about everything. He was able to validate many things for me with my husband’s passing. There were things he said no one knew but my husband and I. He was truly amazing.

Thank you, it was amazing how accurate you were, and how you knew every single thing that was going on in my life.

I was a complete skeptic before visiting Joseph. I can now say that I’m no longer a skeptic. He was so good that I still can’t believe it. He is truly a gifted person.

Dear Joseph,
Thank you so much for the reading. You have made me believe, without a doubt, that our spirit lives on after death. During our reading, you contacted a friend of mine who had passed on. You knew that I had asked him to play a song on the radio for me and his reply was “How can I play a song for you when you don’t listen to the right stations?” This is so true because he listened to alot of classic rock, and I am more into dance music. I also said this question to myself in the car. You knew that I asked him that. You are a truly beautiful person with a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing your gift to me and others who need comfort after someone has passed. You are a gift from God, and I thank you with all my heart. God Bless.

— Amber
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Thanks for being you, for your generosity of spirit, and for your unique and truly brilliant ability to communicate with the ‘other side’.

— Bob

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