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Attending a Spiritman Joseph reading was an amazing spiritual experience. He absolutely blew me away with the accuracy of his reading. I have always believed in an after-life and after listening to Joseph, I am sure our loved ones live on and are with us to help us and comfort us.

— Mary Alice Santoro, R.N., M.A.

I specialize in organizing seminars with psychic mediums, and Spiritman Joseph is the most outstanding and accurate one I have ever met! Sometimes, I think people are going to fall off their chairs, they are so astounded by the information he relays from the Other Side. Jaws drop and gasps are heard from attendees at all of his events… plus, we have a lot of laughs!

Thank you so much for the great reading Sunday. I was dazed when I left you and anxious to validate some of the things I wrote down. I have since validated all but one thing in my notes! My husband just came along for the ride, but ended up getting a lot of his relatives coming through. I really do think that it was meant to be and he is now a believer! I was so glad to hear from my Mom and Dad—I could never get enough. This was the greatest experience for me. I cannot thank you enough. I have listened to the tape twice already. You have such a great gift. I hope I can come back again for another reading. Maybe I will be more verbally responsive. I felt like there was so much jumping around with different ones coming through that I was not sure who we were talking about. And some of the statements meant so much sense to me AFTER I left you. I could have kicked myself for not picking up on them while I was there. What a GREAT experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

— Linda Tilghman

I have been to two of your home gathering readings…The first time I went to my neighbors..I was very skeptical… When I saw people’s faces drop and turn white when you delivered messages to them from passed loved ones standing right “Next” to them… I felt paralyzed… You delivered messages from my Godfather that I was to give to my Godmother… Messages from my grandmother to me about how I care for her Christmas tree and how she watches me set it up every year with such care… and how much she appreciates it… etc., etc. You are a true blessing… a real connection from above… You bring such hope and peace to grieving people… God bless you.

I was at your last event, 12-08-06. I was the very last person that had a question for you. I was testing you, and I do say you proved to be right. For years I’ve received many “readings” and have been allowed to always pass along “did you know you’re pregnant?” news to many women. Almost all were surprised. I’ve seen and heard things, even had a “scene” play out like a movie of a tragic accident that my husband had just witnessed only hours before in my mind. I’ve been referred to as a “witch” and many other interesting names. What you said that night has given me a boost in my true knowledge of the spirit world. I feel a connection to you and your work and would highly recommend you to anyone. Kudos. I am aiming to attend as many of your events as possible. Thank you.

— Pam

Thanks, Joe, for a wonderful reading. You are truly amazing. I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted you to keep talking. Thank you, again!

— Melissa

At first I thought everyone Joseph was “reading” was a plant… surely no one could be so accurate. Then he started on me… and he was RIGHT ON!!! The skeptic in me kept trying to rationalize that these were generalizations even though I knew no one could have known the facts he kept giving me. Then Joseph went on to others and I was still trying to convince myself it was all just a coincidence (even though I know there are no coincidences in life). But my loved ones sensed this and kept bringing Joseph back to me in the middle of other readings with facts that could not be discounted.

I can’t tell you the peace Joseph gave to me. I was very close to actually having bodies exhumed just to confirm I’d buried who I thought I did (having been persuaded by well-meaning friends to not view one of the bodies so I’d remember him as he was in life). Since I’d not been able to be sure I’d buried my son, and it was ten long years without any “contact”, I’d about decided the only peace would be through those drastic measures. Then I came to a Spiritman event! Wow… Joseph told me so much, and it was all correct. I managed to get through the 10th anniversary of my son’s death with peace and assurance he was in a better, truly happy, and still with me…THANK YOU!!

— MaryAnn

Thank you for everything. You have given me peace of mind. You took my breath away a few times telling me things that no one else could have ever known. We are truly blessed to have you in this world to ease our fears of dying, to comfort us by bringing words from the other side, and your visions of our future. Thank you.

— Kathy
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Thank you, Joseph, for being such a big help. You contacted a very close friend on the other side for me. I still cannot believe how accurate you were…

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