New 2019 Clear & Transform Into Abundance 6 Week Live Program

Are You Ready To Say Yes To You? Ready To Clear The Blockages, Transform & Open Up To Abundance?



Does it seem that your entire life thus far has been built around doing everything for everyone else? You work so hard and often it feels like you are only doing so to pay taxes and pay those bills? You are always there for everyone else but do not feel like you are receiving the same love in return? Feeling that you have reached a point in your life where you hit a great big road block the size of the great wall of China? You feel like you cannot get beyond this point in which you have been stuck for so long now? Perhaps even feeling as if there is nothing beyond that wall and you have come to the end and nothing lies ahead but the same old thing day in and day out? It may even be bringing on a bought of depressions or a feeling of hopelessness.

Guess what my beautiful friends?

That is all about to change for you now.

Once you make the decision to finally say YES to You and take your power back again!

Something Very Exciting Is About To Happen!

image2Once you finally take a stand and make this wonderful decision of finally saying YES to you, you are taking the first huge step in opening up to abundance and reaching your happy joyful place. Whatever that may be, being realistic of course. Winning the lottery to get out of debt is not very realistic. But having the money is more realistic than you think. When we think the lottery is our only way out we have already created a huge limitation therefore keeping you right where you are and preventing you from moving toward abundance. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to stop limiting yourself using affirmations and meditations to assist in this process.

You Actually Have More Help Than You Even Realize!

image3We were not taught that the universe actually is there for us and works with us on a daily basis in manifesting our future. We not only have the universe on our side we came into this life with a team of different guides, angels and allies to help us on this journey to make the decisions that will take us into the best potential direction in order to achieve abundance, joy and happiness. The problem with this is that we never learned that they are our employees and they work for us.

Now it is time to learn how to work with the universe in a way that will get the universe and your team of guides to work for you instead of against you, which may seem to be the way it feels right about now.

You Have Just Discovered What You Have Been Looking For And Waiting For A Long Time Now!

image4You did not stumble upon this page by accident. There are no coincidences. Somewhere along the line you manifested this very moment in your life. Universe, your guides, angels and allies brought you here to lead you to the mentor and program you need to help you begin this amazing journey of finally saying YES to YOU. If you have come this far down the page there should be no doubt that you were led to this very place and everything I had already said resonates with you very strongly. All the more reason to take that stand and say YES to YOU! Say YES TO YOU and give yourself the gift of dedicating 6 weeks of your time and effort to follow the program and begin to totally transform your life by clearing all blockages, calling your power back and opening up to abundance.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In You

image52017 is the perfect year to get yourself started with beginning to take a stand by saying yes to you. It is a one year in numerology which is all about new beginnings, new cycles, new inventions, creative ideas, rebirth and transformation.

Unfortunately someone is not going to show up at your door and hand you the abundance you desire. But someone is knocking on the your door right now with the keys to show you how to do so for yourself. You know as much as anyone else that if you want to accomplish something in this world you have to do it yourself. No one can do it for you. Think of how much money you spend on things that may not at all be truly helpful in helping you to create true abundance. Now there is the one person ready to hand you the keys that you can apply to your life yourself in order to create and manifest your true desires. How would you not want to invest in you? You are worth way more than you value yourself to be. So let me show YOU how to use those keys to access your truth self worth?

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn In This 6 Week Program

  • How to call back your power and begin saying yes to you.
  • How to get the universe and your guides to start working for you.
  • Creating your vision for the future and making it happen.
  • How to identify and clear the blockages that have been holding you back.
  • How to unplug from other peoples energy, emotions and drama.
  • How to stay in your heart energy to allow abundance to flow in.
  • How to shift and change your relationship with money and abundance.

You Will Also Be Receiving:

At least 5 different guided meditations that will assist you in:

  • Clearing blockages, cords and attachments that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.
  • Working on the heart center and heart energy to release blockages and open up to abundance.
  • Connecting with the spirit of money and abundance to create a whole new positive relationship with that spirit.
  • Connecting with your future and future self to access information and tap into the emotions related to your future success.
  • Each class is 60 to 90 minutes in length. At least 60 minutes of each class is the lecture and guided meditation. Any remaining time will be to answer as many questions as possible before the class ends.
  • Access to the private Transform Into Abundance group on Facebook to interact with others, get answers to questions and continue to transform with others.



Give me 6 weeks and I will take you into my world and teach you the tools needed to help you clear those blockages and open up to receive the abundance you so well deserve.


Keep in mind that this is an outline and the order in which it is listed and steps can change a bit depending on the group of students, their needs and the flow of the workshop.

WEEK 1 - STEP 1 - The Big Heart Opener

Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdThe heart is the place where so many things reside, most importantly the things that most commonly are blocking us from reaching our fullest potential. Heart work is the most important step in creating a future of pure love, joy and happiness. The heart is also the place in which we may also access a powerful energy to help us to create an amazing abundant future.

During this heart opening workshop you will receive the tools needed to help you to clear those blockages in the heart area. You will be given simple steps and affirmations to use daily to help keep you in your heart energy.

A huge part of tapping into the heart is self love and respect. We have spent way too much time helping everyone else. It feels as if our lives are revolved around everyone and everything that we have in turn developed this pattern of disrespecting ourselves and putting our own happiness aside for others. We work hard, pay bills, pay taxes and it overwhelms us with a sense of feeling completely stuck. Now you are going to learn to take charge for yourself and use that heart energy to open doors to a future beyond your own imagination.

  • Simple steps to use daily that will help you to shift the energy out of the old and into the new.
  • Affirmations that will help you to shift your heart energy back to yourself.
  • Technique to use whenever experiencing negative emotions to help clear them quickly.
  • A special guided meditation to help you get into your heart center to release any hidden emotions, cords and attachments. Along with bringing forward the heart energy to assist in calling in unlimited potential and possibilities.
  • Bonus meditation to help you to ground your energy, open the heart and honor your guides, angels, allies, ancestors and loved ones in spirit.

WEEK 2 - STEP 2 - The Big Clearing & Calling Your Power Back

Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdThere are so many things that go into all of the blockages that we have created over time which have been preventing us from having the power to manifest. It is as if our power has been taken from us and now we feel so powerless. In this second class prepare yourself to finally take the first big step in calling your power back again.

We do not realize that each of us have some form of empathic abilities. This means that on some level you feel, sense and are therefore effected, by other peoples energy. It is not just other peoples energy for some of you. It is also the energy on the planet and energy created from big world events. This has the habit of really weighing us down. As if you are trying to climb a mountain with a backpack that weighs more than you, which is nearly impossible. It is time to learn how to unplug from those energies that have also been holding you back from reaching you fullest potential.

  • Learn to identify you own empathic abilities and where those feelings and emotions may actually be coming from.
  • How to unplug from other peoples energy, drama and situations
  • A special clearing statement that is very powerful in both clearing and manifesting at the same time. Which can be used for just about anything from having a good day to manifesting that new car you have been dreaming of.
  • Simple exercise to assist you in creating an energetic filter that will filter out the negative while allowing to positive to flow in.
  • Identifying the blocks created by the fear and ego and learning to follow the intuition instead of the fear and ego
  • A special guided meditation that will assist you in clearing those blockages energetically, calling your power back and opening up your energy and allowing the abundance to finally flow in.

WEEK 3 - STEP 3 - The Money Abundance Blockage

Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdThere is actually a spirit that represents money and abundance. Unfortunately many of us do not have a positive relationship with that spirit. When people put negative connotations around money by saying things like "money is the root of all evil" they are instantly building a negative relationship with that spirit. If I said to you "you are the root of all evil" you would probably respond with something like "well you are a jackass and I am not being your friend". Money is the same exact way. You want money to be your best friend.

I am going to show you how to shift your current relationship with money so that you and the spirit of money and abundance can become BFF's. Shifting our relationship with money is one of the most important steps in creating a future where money and debt is no longer weighing heavy on you. Stress is one of the biggest killers. Money is something that will bring a whole lot of stress if you do not have a good relationship with the money abundance spirit. That is also why we see that money can also be the one thing that causes couples to argue and even worst can be the complete demise of their relationship.

Another habit we can all be guilty of is placing limitations on ourselves, therefore blocking your fullest potential as well. Why reach for the sky when you can reach further, reach for the stars instead! In this next step you can expect to do exactly that, reach for the stars.

In this third step on this amazing new journey of saying YES to YOU

  • You will learn to identify the blockages that you have with money and abundance.
  • The amazing power of utilizing love and gratitude. How to utilize bringing love and gratitude into your daily life which will in turn help add to the energy flow of abundance.
  • Daily affirmations to allow you to remove blockages and build your relationship with the money abundance spirit.
  • Guided mediation that will help you to connect with the spirit of money and abundance which will in turn help assist you in opening up to a whole new relationship with the money abundance spirit itself along with removing the hidden barriers you created between you and abundance.

WEEK 4 - Step 4 - Creating The Vision & Opening Up To Receive

Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdSo many of us have grown up with the thought instilled in our heads that it is better to give than it is to receive. Yes, that is all good and thoughtful and we should give to others. At the same time we have actually cut off the flow of receiving energy coming in to our lives. There no longer is the balance that you should be experiencing with the same energy going out flowing back too you equally. We need to turn that receiving flow back on again so we may begin to open to receive once more.

The universe reacts on all of our thoughts, words and actions. We must be very specific in what we want to create for our lives and future if we truly want to universe, guides, angels and allies to assist in manifesting the future we desire. At the same time we create so many limitations by trying to figure everything our for ourselves. What if you did not have to figure it all out? What if there is already someone there to do that for you? Well, there actually is an entire team to assist you in figuring things out for you. During this forth week I will explain to you exactly how to stop trying to figure things out and allowing your team to work with you on the nitty gritty details.

  • What exactly is a vision of the future and exactly how you can create that vision clearly.
  • Simple project your can create and the steps needed to keep you focussed daily on your vision of the future.
  • How to ask for assistance and receive information that will benefit your new journey of saying YES to YOU.
  • How to finally create the balance you deserve with affirmations that will open you up to receive.
  • How to begin calling things in from the universe to help you manifest your goals and dreams.
  • Guided meditation to open yourself up to receive information and to begin walking your golden path to the future as well as honoring guides, angels and allies ahead of time for the things they have done to open your path to abundance

WEEK 5 - Final Step - The Future Amazing Fabulous You & Connecting With The Future Self

Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdOur thoughts and words are very powerful and are actually the blueprints to our future. We must be very cautious in the way we think and the words we choose to use. It has absolutely everything to do with the future that lies ahead. In order to create the amazing future you desire you must connect with that future with a clear vision. Creating that vision and than learning to access that future vision is important in helping you to tap into the emotions related to being in that final place of abundance, joy and happiness.

Another very important step in creating and manifesting is connecting to the emotions associated with your vision. Emotions are just like your thoughts and words and will have everything to do with the future in which you create. We all have many different potential futures. Our intuition is actually our guides and angels attempting to assist us in manifesting the best possible future outcome for ourselves. Now is the time to get your team of spirit to begin working for you to manifest the vision you have created in the last class. This will be one of the most important step in being confident that the future you desire is not far off in the future.

In this final phase of saying YES to YOU and creating a future of abundance, joy and happiness you will learn:

  • How to become more aware of your thoughts and words and how they actually effect the outcome of future events in your life.
  • Positive affirmations that will help to show gratitude and love to your spirit team for working hard to manifest your true desires.
  • How to tap into the future you to ask and receive guidance and advice to insure your success in making it all happen.
  • A special guided meditation that will take you into your future to connect with your future self and begin the relationship with your future self with the intention of receiving information to assist you now and to tap into the feeling associated with that happy joyful future you.

WEEK 6 - Open Forum - Final Send Off To Creating The Amazing Future You Deserve

It is very important to me to be assured that I set my students off with all the tools they need along with answering any questions to insure their success. In this final bonus week I will open up the communications to connect with y students and offer any final guidance and answer any questions you may have. Along with offering any final assistance to the things that may still be blocking you.

This final week is all about:

  • Communicating with you to answer any last important question you may have.
  • Offering any final information and/or meditation that I feel you may need to insure your success in creating the happy, joyful, abundant new you
  • Also note that anything listed in the steps can end up being altered and changed as to the needs of the students of each workshop program. This is a basic format to give you an idea of the amazing tools you will be given to assist you in finally saying YES to YOU and YES to allowing ABUNDANCE into your life.


Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdAt some point during the six week program you will receive at least two videos that will show you step by step how to:

*Clear your energy and the energy of the home, office or business with smudging, drumming or a rattle.

*A special little ceremony to clear the negative connotations placed on money and instilling love into your money.

*Access to the private Transform Into Abundance group on Facebook to interact with others, get answers to questions and continue to transform with others.

How This Live Workshop Works:

  • Once you are signed up you will be sent information and links with the phone number to call into and the webpage link for the live event within 7 days prior to workshop.
  • You can use your phone, computer or tablet to access the live class. You can access local call numbers from 18 countries*** or through web call from the workshop weblink.
  • Each class will be available for access within 24 hours of the live class. In case you happen to miss the live event you can still access all of it on the webpage. Or if you want to refresh yourself by listening a few more times to the lecture and continue utilizing the guided meditations.
  • A list of each affirmation so you may print them and utilize them daily.
  • When the workshop program ends I will send you all of the guided meditations & lectures so you can utilize them anytime you would like. You will also receive the BONUS videos to view at your convenience.


Time To Tranform Workshop Program AdThere is no real way of putting a true value on yourself and your future. Just like there is no way to put a value on the amazing tools I will offer you in this six week program. If I were to place a value on my time and all of the tools provided in this workshop program I would have to estimate it to be worth well over $3599.00. But you are not even going to pay anywhere close to even a thousand dollars. You will receive all of this at a very special discounted rate.

Who Am I? And Why Choose Me As Your Mentor?

joseph-homeIn case we haven't met. My name is Joseph Tittel and I began my spiritual journey when I was in my mid-teens just about three decades ago. At the young age of 19 I opened my first business which was a magical new age shop in New Hope Pennsylvania. At this time is when I began doing private sessions for clients. Now 28 years later I have guided tens of thousands of people into the best potential futures possible along with connecting many others with deceased loved ones bringing them healing, closure and validation.

I began teaching when I was approximately 22 years old beginning with teaching the tarot and psychic development. I have been certified in hypnosis and past life regression. Being a certified hypnotist allows me the opportunity to guide students into deep states of relaxation with the goal of tapping into their subconscious minds. I have been meditating myself since I first began this journey. My first business became a huge success and later I had sold that to my business partner so I may focus on other aspects of my spiritual journey.

I have managed multi-million dollar retail companies and had the ability to increase their sales beyond everyones expectations. I have won countless awards in the retail world for being the top performing sales person and top performing manager in the entire Philadelphia region. I know how to make things happen and my history shows my ability to do so.

Place your trust in me and I will teach you how to make things happen the way I have continued to make things happen in my own life. You have just found the one person that has the experience, certifications and history of success that will no doubt offer you the most valuable tools to help you manifest you're amazing abundant future.

To insure personal attention to questions, this program is limited to 20 participants.

Time To Tranform Workshop Program Ad



You are making an investment in yourself
and into your future.

You will receive over 5 hours of information with at least 5 guided meditations, two videos and over 8 hours of class time. Along with the ability to have your questions answered and access to the lectures, meditations and videos anytime during the program.

Meditations, affirmations, lecture & videos will be available for download to your computer, tablet or phone for up to 30 days after you have completed the 6 week program.

This program is now available for Download!



*PLEASE NOTE: In order to be able to offer this workshop at this new amazing low fee each class lecture will be a prerecorded version from our current live class. We will email you each weeks lecture and meditation every Tuesday.

***Access numbers for the following: United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom,